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Trut de luxe - limited edition ks
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Trut de luxe - limited edition ks

Trut de luxe - Limited Edition KS
Ref. TRU1017  •  EAN 3 770003 625568
Trut is a card game called "counter" to make folds bluffing. This edition brings up to date this dynamic game fallen into oblivion. Attention: This is a limited edition copy!
Available languages :
French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch
2 to 6 players
From 8 years old
About 15 minutes
Family game
In stock
25.00 €
Free shipping to metropolitan France, shipped within 24 hours excluding public holidays and weekends.

This edition of the TRUT is very special because it is the over-cash copies of the KICKSTARTER campaign which ended on September 22, 2017.

The configuration of this special edition is exceptional and will NEVER be available in store in its entirety (including the many bonus cards that will never be on sale).

To learn more about the Kickstarter campaign, go to the Kickstarter page.

The TRUT is a card game called " de comptoir " with uncertain origins which we would have heard for the first time in the seventeenth century in the West of France. He would be a descendant of Aluette. Today, it is still practiced by some irreducible in the Deux-Sèvres, Maine-et-Loire and Sarthe, as well as in some countries of Hispanic cultures.

This game, yet very dynamic, slowly falls into oblivion for lack of practitioners. With this personalized edition, Robin Red Games hopes to restore its acclaim and make it more popular.
The rules are those most commonly practiced. However, variants "A la Gâtinaise" are exposed in appendices.
This box includes:
• 32 normal cards
• 13 special cards
• 11 "Long" wooden tokens (black)
• 13 small wooden tokens (oranges)
• 1 velvet bag
• 4 Aids
• 1 exclusive badge
• 1 bookmark
• 1 wooden dice
• 1 sticker
• 1 wooden pawn "Donor"
• 1 book of rules (historical and additional)
This game also exists in normal version. To learn more, click here.

Le Trut - Rules of the game
25/09/2019 - 11569 ko
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Trut is a card game called "counter" to make folds bluffing. This edition brings up to date this dynamic game fallen into oblivion.
Find the illustrations of Trut on this beautiful play mat that will accompany you everywhere in your frenzied portions of Trut.
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