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Gang de mémés
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Gang de mémés

Gang de Mémés
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The towel burns at the Retreat House! The clashes between the Gang Knitters and the Pâtissières turn to the settlement of account.
Available languages :
French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch
2 players
From 8 years old
About 15 minutes
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12.00 €
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The towel burns at the Retreat House! The clashes between the Gang Knitters and the Pâtissières turn to the settlement of account. Do not be fooled ... These little Grannies are the worst scoundrels in the world.
Gang De Mémés is an irreverent fold game for two players. Anticipation and strategy are the key words, because each fold modifies the conditions of the next. It is therefore recommended to think before acting.

Cartes Gang de Mémés
The goal of the game is to count the greatest number of Cookies by winning a maximum of Duels.
Each "Granny" card contains several information:
- Power: The number on the card determines Granny's combat potential. The larger the number is, the more the Granny is strong. The two gangs have eight Grannies, seven of which are numbered from 1 to 7. The two remaining are a little special: Sophie Lyss (Pastry) is really zero (with a value of 0) and Honorine Padanlevier (Knitter) is whimsical (you have to roll a dice to determine its value).
- The Gang: The pastry gang's "Granny" cards display a "rolling pin" pictogram in the background and at the top right, an orange background and a pie at the bottom of the card. The knitters display a "ball of wool", a turquoise background and a knit at the bottom of the card.
- The Name: Any resemblance to an existing or existing meme is pure coincidence.
- The Challenge: Each card has a unique Challenge symbolized by a pictogram. The details of each Challenge are specified on the "Game Aid" cards. They are relatively explicit and after a few sleeves you will master them perfectly. Note: Some Challenges require you to roll a Dice to set a Bonus or Malus. The result of the Dice applies to the value of the "Granny" card and not the number of cookies won.
Each player must collect a maximum of Cookies (points) at each Duel according to the current Challenge.
At each duel:
1 - Both players secretly choose a "Granny" card in their hand by trying to best respond to the current challenge. They pose it face down on the playing field. Tip: By deduction, each player knows precisely the game of his opponent (by eliminating cards in hand and the two remaining after distribution) even if he ignores in what order they will play.
2 - Both players reveal their card at the same time.
3 - The winner is the one who has hired the strongest Granny, depending on the condition of the current Challenge (displayed on the top of the Challenges Stack). He becomes the Supreme Crumble for the next Duel. In case of a tie, the Duel is null and no Cookie is distributed.
4 - The number of Cookies won is calculated by subtracting the value of the lowest card from that of the highest card. At this score may sometimes be added or deducted points according to the Challenge in progress.
5 - The victorious card (or, failing that, the one with the highest value) is placed on the top of the Challenges Stack, above the previous one. She will define the next Duel Challenge. In the event of a tie with two cards of the same value, each player rolls a Dice and the player with the highest Dice value chooses the Challenge that suits him best.
6 - The defeated card is placed, face down, on the dormitory..
When all the Duels are over and the players have no cards in hand, we count the Cookies and the winner is the one who has the most.
Optional rules
Gang de pépés
The great fathers
Each player is randomly assigned to one of the two Pépé cards to determine his Gang: Knitters or Pâtissières. This card is placed in front of the player, but will not be played, it simply indicates which Gang belongs to the player. For each defeated Granny (from the opposite Gang), Grandpa earns 1 additional cookie from the player who owns it.
The strawberry pie
At any time of the game (provided you have at least 3 cards in hand), a player may decide to put a "Contract" on the head of a Granny still in play. If he manages to defeat this Granny he wins the "Strawberry Pie" worth 10 Cookies. However, if he fails, his opponent wins 4 cookies. Once a contract is placed, the opposing player can no longer use it.
Cette boîte comprend :
• 16 "Grannies" cards
• 2 "Grandpa" cards
• 2 cards "help game"
• 1 rulebook
• 16 "Cookies" tiles
• 1 strawberry tart tile

Cette boîte com­prend :
• 77 cartes « Dépl­ac­ement »
• 27 cartes « Piste »
• 16 pions « Renne »
• 16 socles
• 15 tuiles « Réco­mpense »
• 1 livret de règles (fran­çais, anglais, alle­mand, espa­gnol et néer­lan­dais).

Gang De Mémés - Rule of the game
25/09/2019 - 2304 ko
Attention les mamies sont dans la place et elles ne sont pas contentes ! Un pitch bien perché avec des mamies détestables et des papis infréquentables ! Que demander de plus pour ce jeu 2v2 rempli d'humour ?
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