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This wallet ENTOURLOUP 'contains 3 traditional games of placement and strategy for 2 players.
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2 players
From 7 years old
About 10 minutes
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This wallet ENTOURLOUP' contains 3 traditional games of placement and strategy for 2 players. The first is based on the KUKULI and comes from Peru, the second is a variant of the Nepalese game, the BAGH CHAL and the last, the BAGH BANDI is from India.
These 3 games are asymmetrical, that is to say that one of the players has only very few coins unlike his opponent who has many.
The balance of power lies in movement and catch.
In this edition, a handful of Wolves attempt to catch sheep.
Players will have to compete with cunning and trick to win.

Entourloup' - Rule of the game
25/09/2019 - 4993 ko
Petit jeu rapide, parfait pour jouer avec ma fille de 8 ans. Les personnages Kawaï y ont fait beaucoup je pense. Même le grand méchant loup est mignon. De plus, la règle comportant 3 jeux, il facilement possible de varier les plaisir.
Me laissant tenter par ce petit jeu, je n'ai pas été déçu. En plus d'un visuel très attrayant, c'est un plaisir de découvrir ces 3 jeux peu connus. Un Must have et le tout à petit prix.
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