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Aristo'zzle (braille version)
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Aristo'zzle (braille version)

Aristo'zzle (Braille version)
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A game of 7 families but also a puzzle in the world of 7 aristocrats stuck in their fancy dress suits, Victorian fashion.
Available languages :
French, English
2 to 6 players
From 5 years old
About 20 minutes
Braille version
Family game
In stock
14.90 €
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Mr. Dog does not know where to turn.
Monsieur hare has lost his feet.
Mr. Furet is looking for his body ...

Welcome to the world of seven aristocrats stilted, haughty and stuck in their fancy outfits, Victorian fashion.

Each character, represented by an animal (dog, cat, hare, hedgehog, giraffe, ferret, wolf), is cut into 6 cards to reconstitute to form the word A-R-I-S-T-O. At the end of the game, the 7 aristos gathered together form a puzzle representing the aristo'zzle.

Puzzle Aristozzle terminé.


This box includes:
• 42 cards
• 2 wildcards (to replace lost or damaged cards)
• 1 rulebook
This game also exists in normal version (French / English). To go on the sheet, click here.

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