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Our services

Robin Red Games brings its expertise to creators, publishers or companies wishing to develop their own board game.

We actively participate in every step of the realization of your play project: creation of the idea, realization of the illustrations, manufacture and conditioning of your game, edition and distribution.

Depending on your needs and your budget, we intervene on the whole of your file, of its creation until its marketing or only on one or more stages of its realization.

Creating your game

Robin Red Games intervenes on the conceptualization of your game, a fundamental step essential for your game to be marketable. It includes the reflection on the mechanism of your game, its ergonomics, the elaboration of the rules of the game, the definition of its visual identity and the test with a panel of players selected according to the age group targeted.

Making your game

Robin Red Games is able to ensure all stages of manufacturing your game under the label "Made in France".

After study and cost optimization on the choice of materials selected according to the ergonomics of your game and technical needs, we realize the pre-press, the technical compliance, printing, assembly, packaging , shipments, quality control, restocking and after-sales service.

All our games are made to NF71 standards (over 3 years old) by labeled manufacturers PEFC, imprim'vert, FSC and ISO 14001.

We also offer a bespoke assembly and gaming packaging service at extremely competitive prices.

Fabrication et assemblage de Chunky fighters
Impression et expédition d'Hanafuda
Impression des règles de Chunky fighters
Illustration of your game

Robin Red Games realizes all the image of your future game in the graphic style appropriate to your scenario, the target audience and your budget. It includes the illustrations of your game and its accessories as well as all the graphic elements that compose it: box, tiles, tokens, rules of the game, etc. These illustrations are made in high definition graphics on the latest generation of tablets to be available on any type of support (POS, kakemonos, etc.). We have the skill to realize all possible styles of illustration.

Moutown crayonné.
Moutown : Mise en couleur
Moutown : Finalisation
Creation of tailor-made games for your company

Communication through gaming about your business, have you thought about it?

Both original and fun, the board game is an excellent communication tool that allows a company to convey a positive image on its business and its brand to its various audiences.

Robin Red Games offers a tailor-made service for creating, editing and manufacturing board games (board games, card games, etc.) that can be fully customized in one or more languages, or even Braille if the structure the game allows it. Robin Red Games realizes the conceptualization of your game, its ergonomics, the creation of illustrations in respect of your logo and your graphic line and adapts to any type of budget and quantity.

This service is intended for companies, communication agencies, communities and associations wishing to use the board game as a communication tool to present their know-how, raise public awareness of a cause, offer a novel gift to their customers or market a original support via a sales network or in the form of an advertising object.

Depending on the nature of your project, Robin Red Games can also co-publish your game.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to define your project together.

Realization of a game in partnership with the génénalogistes of Corrèze
Realization of a game for Natural Park of the Montagne de Reims
Co-edition with FLIP and MOUTON VILLAGE: winner of JAM FLIP 2016